Vanessa Pina e Fábio Pinaud


Branding, Applications, UX, WordPress


Visual Identity, Website, Stationery, Templates
Faros is a new transformation consultancy focused on Culture and Organizational Design.

We were challenged to create a brand that would unite its values and purpose internally, culminating in the development of an aligned visual identity. This included creating a website that reflected its elements in a cohesive and integrated way.

We were able to build a strong brand through a collaborative creative process with the client, with a comprehensive brand manual, customized stationery and social media design, all aligned with Faros’ values and purpose. We used hand-drawn and digitized watercolors to convey fluidity, liveliness, originality and organicity, essential characteristics of the brand. In addition, we developed an interactive and light website that captures the essence of Faros.

Vanessa Pina

Co-Founder Faros

The work was beautiful and revealing. We love the whole journey of reflection and brand development! And we’re in love with the end result! Thank you so much for the partnership!

Fabio Pinaud

Co-Founder Faros

How much integrity in one construction!!! Thank you, Gabi, Bhya, Dani and the entire SV team for helping us put Faros into the world. From the first question to the brand manual, you guys nailed it!!!