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Creative consultancy


Mota Engil – MEXT

In this project, Beta-i, a Portuguese innovation consultancy firm, was hired to run a series of workshops for MEXT, the innovation arm of Mota Engil S.A.


The starting point was the bank of innovative ideas that emerged from a campaign for employees to add innovative proposals for the company. Of the 700+ initial ideas, 500+ were selected to be worked on in the workshops. With 300+ participants in total, we were invited to hold the workshops at Beta-i in Porto throughout May and June. To document the entire project, we used printed frameworks and a collaborative board on Miro to be built progressively at each workshop.


Through four 2-day workshops held over the course of the month, we developed an agile structure for modeling and innovating projects based on existing ideas, using Design Thinking and Double Diamond as the core methodology, drawing inspiration from Service Design and Lean Startup.

We asked the workshop participants to put their ideas together, choose the most interesting clusters and carry out market and employee research to find out if the idea was valid. We then asked them to exercise lateral thinking to try to cover or achieve more ambitious goals than the initial idea offered. From there, we encouraged them to create high/low fidelity prototypes to show what the idea looked like and finally, a small business vision: obstacles, risks, impact and next steps.

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