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Ideia Sustentável


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New website
Ideia Sustentável is a consulting company in Corporate Sustainability and ESG, formed by some of the best specialists in Brazil. We rebuilt the entire website, based on a new aesthetic proposal and a new information architecture, reorganizing the existing content and complementing it with new ones.

We also worked on a new visualization of the hundreds of articles available digitally on the platform and developed, over two months, an extensive social media plan, in partnership with As Pereiras. We created a communications strategy around the annual lecture event in April, and another campaign around the company’s 25th anniversary in May.

With an easy and intuitive interface, we explored the website in a new, deeper version of the brand’s visual identity, redoing more than 40 pages from scratch and further strengthening the online presence and communication of Ideia Sustentável.

Ideia Sustentável team

“Our first work with Studio Venturas was the reorganization of the website, which became much more intuitive and modern. Deadlines were met, perfect project management and incredible results. From this, we developed other jobs and always had excellent results. Assertive service, great briefing feedback, fair budget and a team (and partners) that know what they’re doing.”