Who We Are

In what we believe

We believe that design transforms realities. Together with collaborative work we can leverage and boost initiatives and businesses.

Our view

We want to be the reference studio in building creative and technological projects for companies and businesses in Portugal and Europe.

How to we deliver

We seek a harmonious union between functionality and visual aesthetics. We deliver a quality service that puts the customer at the center.


Bhya Sugai

I am from Brasilia and have lived in Floripa, Rio de Janeiro, and currently live in Lisbon. I am a graphic designer, creative process facilitator, and entrepreneur.

I graduated from PUC-Rio in Design – Visual Communication. Master in Design Management from IADE – European University. I have been creating, ideating and developing to graphically materialize interdisciplinary projects through Participatory Design, Strategic Design and Design Thinking since 2016.

#graphic-design #design-thinking #design-estratégico #design-participativo

Gabriela Ornellas

My life goal is to always be creatively exploring. Getting involved in diverse projects, listening to new ideas, and working in multidisciplinary areas are vital drivers.

At 26 I developed myself within the tech universe, having my own startup in real estate, developing websites and platforms, and even working at major tech events.

I don’t like to sum myself up as a web designer, but rather as a person focused on solving problems or challenges using technology.

#webdesign #tecnologia #gestão-de-projetos #pesquisadora

Gabriela Ornellas - Studio Venturas

Felipe Salazar

“Learning is based on challenge”

Digital designer involved with the strategy and implementation of creative and technological solutions from collaboration and design thinking.

With a degree in Design, I have always sought to give back to the world the knowledge and expertise I have acquired in life. Whether in social initiatives or multinational businesses, I am passionate about the potential of design to transform services, companies, territories, and people.

Currently, I live in Lisbon and I’m working on my master’s degree in Multimedia Art at the Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade de Lisboa with emphasis on Interactive Arts.

#webdesign #strategic-consultant #project-management #facilitator-of-collaborative-processes

Giovanna Ornellas

UX and WordPress developer

Ângela Ferreira

Graphic designer, UX research, facilitator

Camila Sugai

Graphic Designer, photographer and video maker


1. Understanding

We understand the demand together with the customer and establish agreements on time, budget, and expectations.

2. Definition

We gather the research, strategic and creative information for: visual references, similar and competitors comparison.

3. Ideation

We generate ideas, solutions, styles, and possibilities that are closer to the client’s objectives.

4. Design

We turn these ideas into a tangible and clear solution: a prototype (draft) that serves as a test for the customer to validate that we are on the right track!

5. Settings

Throughout the versions, we make new strategic and aesthetic changes to align the design with the value proposition of the service.

6. Delivery

At the end of the adjustments and different versions, we deliver the final solution with excellence.