Victor Hugo Mattos

Project Areas

Web design, E-commerce on Shopify


Victor Hugo Mattos

Victor Hugo Mattos is a self-taught stylist and multiple artist. He believes that creative sensibility elevates the dialogue between enchantment and contemporaneity. Everything that is produced is entirely handmade. It is found in publications such as Scape Magazine, by photographer Adriano Damas, and magazines such as Vogue Brasil, Vogue Itália, Marie Claire, Bazzar, Claudia, Caderno Ela, among others.


With several pieces for sale, the designer’s challenge was to enable his sales channels. Nothing was being sold yet, so it was necessary to create a system quickly, efficiently, and beautifully.


In an intense one-month process, we developed the website made on the Shopify sales platform, and tied it to your Facebook and Instagram, so that there are different channels for publicizing and selling your products, all uniquely handcrafted.

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