Put your ideas into action

You know that amazing idea you can't get out of your head? The one that always comes back when it has the chance. That famous "what if..." that inspires? How can we get it out into the world? We have a few tips for you!

1. Shoot it out! Write it better

Following the 5W2H method, try to answer:

Why is it relevant?
How does it happen?
What is it?
Who will it be for?
How much would it cost to realize?
When is it possible to happen?

2. Now that you know more about it, work with prototypes

What would it look like if it was the simplest it could be?
What if there were loads of money to support it?
What would change?

3. After that, think about time

If you were to release it TODAY, what would that idea look like?
What about next week?
Or next year?

Each time frame will demand different decisions and priorities, which is good and also helps with planning.

4. With the overall scope in hand, the time has come call for help

Talk to 3 friends and ask for their opinions.

What did they understand?
What needs to be more clear?
Has anything changed?
Be surprised by the feedback!

5. Now, it is hands-on work

Create a task plan,
the simpler, the better:
“Call someone”
“Send a message to someone”
“Look for creative references”.

If the task is too long, break it into tiny pieces. The important thing here is to see you’re making progress.

We recommend Trello or Asana for this :)

If you follow these steps, you will gradually realize that those loose ideas slowly found a path to get out into the world.

No idea really
ends, it transforms.

As a book reference, we recommend the excellent

"333 páginas para tirar seu projeto do papel"

by @gabgomes, Daniel Larusso and @lucianobraga

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