Budget Your Site

Developing the website for a brand is a big moment for those who are building their company. And, to have a result that is a source of pride and happiness, it is fundamental to take some issues into consideration. We are here to help with all of them!

want to budget your site?

before you fill it out, we recommend that you read the tips below!

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what you need to know before

Construction content

Think about the design of a new house. When it is built, you should already know where what will go, right? Room for the dining table, the bed, the living room sofa… All this needs to be thought through first. In building a website it is no different. Think of a whiteboard that will be filled in the way you find most interesting. If you need an initial push, use the 5W2H tool.

The 5Ws:

  • What
  • Why
  • Where
  • When
  • Who(by whom)

The 2H:

  • How
  • Howmuch

It’s okay if you can’t answer them all, but to start developing a site, it is essential to already have a content path defined by the client (you!). So you send us the content (text and images), and we develop the perfect interface for your brand. Agreed?

Availability of time

If the previous tip seems laborious, it is because it does in fact require time and dedication. The idea is that this site should be the best possible version of the image you want to convey of your brand, and that demands it. It can be months of content building!

And, when this content is defined and the fateful day has arrived

Patience with deadlines

When a project comes to Studio Venturas, we always have a minimum deadline of two months. And those two months mean smaller sites without major elaboration (i.e. product sales, multi-language site, etc.). However, depending on the complexity, it can take up to six months.

Building a website is not immediate. It is the union of a very solid proposition, which is the brand, with the creativity to portray this in an attractive way. This is where the catch is!

Initial costs

Hiring an agency to develop your site is sure to be the main cost – but there are other, smaller costs that need to be taken into consideration. They are:

  • The domain purchase (usually a yearly payment)
  • The hosting (can be monthly, yearly, bi-annually, so on)

And, other expenses that can add a lot of value to the final product:

  • A good image bank
  • E-mail service, which may not be included in the hosting (for example, working with Google Worspace or Microsoft Office)


There are several tools that are also part of the digital universe, and they are totally free! They are:

  • Create your store or brand in Google Enterprise
  • Google Analytics
  • Site usage heatmap (it’s free temporarily, but it helps a lot already)

Care in the aftermath

Just like thinking about the maintenance of a physical store, a website also needs recurring care. Don’t think that it’s just a matter of putting it out there and letting it do its own thing – a WordPress site needs constant updating, and it’s important to think about who will be responsible for this. Who will go:

  • Create new pages
  • Update blog articles
  • Upgrading the WordPress system
  • Update the internal plugins
  • Be aware of potential invasions
  • Contacting the host if something bad happens

It could be someone from the company, but it could be an outsourced company (like us!). Whoever is chosen, keep this in mind before the site is actually online.