How can technology help education?

From apps to games, various instruments can be introduced to facilitate learning. Making use of technological resources is an opportunity to enrich the way the student engages with what is being studied – it is a way to make the process more fun and interactive.

What is emotional design?

You walk into a store and start looking at the products on the shelf. There are several options, but out of all of them, you pick one and take it home. What do you consider to have been fundamental for your choice? The brand, the price, the functionality, the appearance? There are many factors that […]

New technology trends of 2021 according to the Future Today Institute

The Future Today Institute is one of the world’s leading consulting and strategy firms for the future, with research on new technology trends and how they might impact business, government, education, media, and society. Their studies are released annually, the Tech Trends Report, and we will address the 2021 reports below, which marks their 14th […]